Karma Groups of Companies

Karma group, the leading company in the agriculture sector of Nepal was established in the year 2002. Recognizing the importance and knowing the fact of shortage of fresh agro-products in the country and to harness the agro-ecological potentiality Karma group started its venture by then. Karma Group is known for it for its quality supplies and quality services. Right from our inception we have been serving the farmers of Terai and hill. Karma group has been keeping a personal touch with the farmers and dealers, installing an outreach centre in every working district, importing best products and distributing them timely.

It aims to promote organic based farming all over the country, provide advanced technical aid, counselling to farmers so as to bring a radical shift in the agricultural pattern of the country which ultimately refers to the development of the country.

Started supplying in two places at its introductory phase, now we reach out more than 20 places, installing our successful supplying stations. Karma group believes the quality products and the quality products only give the guarantee on its performances.

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